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Changing an order’s billing

Unfortunately, once an order has placed, we can no longer edit payment information. 

Payment Information

On your credit card statement, your charges will appear as our company name.

Note: Payment options will be presented at checkout. At this time, Nico Nerini cards and account credits are not supported as payment methods for national and international orders. 

Exchange rates

Your order total is guaranteed by our bank at the exchange rate set when you order is placed. Foreign exchange rates are determined by our bank based on there exchange rate. 

Taxes and duties

International taxes, tariffs (or duties), and value-added tax (VAT) are calculated at checkout (and will be included in the order total). VAT rates are set by the destination country. You have the option to pay for these taxes and duties at checkout. You are not required to pay any additional fees (no COD) at the time of order delivery. Please note that Nico Nerini reserves the right to correct pricing errors.

For some international destinations, you may be presented with an option to pay for these required charges at the time of delivery (COD). If you elect this option, you will be required to pay the taxes and duties (and any collection fees) to the shipping carrier upon delivery. The order total (merchandise landed cost) is not guaranteed and may be different from what is quoted at checkout. If the charges are not paid COD, the item(s) will be returned and you will not be refunded any shipping charges.