/ the top 4 haircut of this season

the top 4 haircut of this season

nico nerini
January 31, 2017
nico nerini
Kit Haringtons

Want to change your look?

Want to have one of the most fashion haircut of this season?

Here you gonna find the most popular hair cut…

taking the inspiration by  the stars!




Kit Haringtons

Kit Haringtons

Rebellious curl, to take with a pigtail from time to time (such as on the set of “Games of thrones”),

is a very trendy haircut, especially for 25/35 years older.

Combined with a beard, that aspect, a bit ‘as a warrior, a bit’ as a mysterious artist, will be irresistible!



Zac Efron

Zac Efron

The classic good guy hair cut.

Clean and tidy, with a lateral line, defined and structured clump.

It isn’t the most trendy haircut, but it is still actual… timeless!

To make your haircut more trendy make you grow a full beard.



Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

A very appropriate haircut for those with a pronounced jaw, especially from the 30 years and more.

Short, almost shaved on the sides.

In the middle a very long tuft, to take strictly back.

Necessary to obtain the typical look of a bad boy: slight beard and mysterious eyes.

If you have seen Colin in the last “Harry Potter” film (“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”as the evil character you know what I mean…



Mariano di Vaio

Mariano di Vaio


The italian fashion blogger is very famous for his haircut!

with a lateral line, and short, but not too much, on the sides.

Long, long , long in the middle.

To bring (apparently) disheveled, but actually cleverly modeled with gels and specific products.

This cut is widely used by the younger men.

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