/ Spring 2017 fashion trends: the ’90s bomber

Spring 2017 fashion trends: the ’90s bomber

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February 21, 2017
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spring 2017 fashion trends: '90s bomber jacket

Sometimes they come back: the ’90s Bomber Jacket!

The designers have reinvented the classic bomber jacket from the 90s, but never in a minimalist version.

Prints and fabrics become the real stars for the symbol of a decade, which was given a brand new life.

Alpha Industries

the best '90s bomber jacket

alpha industries

Alpha industries is inspired by the Air Force, more precisely by the parachute (see the orange tab).

This top gun model is also equipped with large pockets and it is reversibile (the other side is orange to)…

Maverick would have approved!

Dolce e Gabbana

'90s Bomber Jacket - Nico Nerini Collection

Dolce e Gabbana

Dolce e Gabbana are opting for a bomber print that recalls the atmosphere of the Spanish bullfight, with red flowers and Baroque decorations on the black and white.


'90s Bomber Jacket - Nico Nerini Blog


Obey for this spring 2017, tattooed his bomber with old school technique, a rose and the name of the brand dominate the back of this model.


Spring 2017 fashion trends for men


Dean and Dan (DSquared2), for their Bomber gets the inspiration from the Japanese mangas.

The atmosphere is metropolitan and comics.

For an autoironic and confident man.


fashion trends 2017 - '90s bomber


Superdry offers a bomber in fabric with geometric pattern in contrasting tone: blue on grey.

Perfect to wear with jeans and casual outfit.

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