/ Saint Valentine’s Day is coming!

Saint Valentine’s Day is coming!

nico nerini
February 3, 2017
nico nerini
shoes for san valentine's day

The love is in the air

Valentine’s Day is coming!


Have you organized something special, or are you refractory to this festivity?

You should know that making a good first impression is very important!

Statistically, a woman takes few seconds to form an opinion about the man in front of her…


If you were cataloged as losers it is very difficult to change her mind.

If,otherwise, you did a good first impression, it will be so easy to change her opinion!

It’s a real jungle, and the important thing is to be prepared!


Have you already convinced her to accept a date with you?

Great job man! You’re at a good point.

How not to ruin everything?


Every day you will find on our social channels tips and advice to make your first date special.


We have collected real life stories and we have extrapolated a Decalogue:

“What to do and what absolutely not, during a date”


Tomorrow we’ll talk about the first point.

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shoes for san valentine's day


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