/ PITTI UOMO – the fashion trends in Florence

PITTI UOMO – the fashion trends in Florence

nico nerini
January 5, 2017
nico nerini

“It is not enough to keep up with the times, you must be able to anticipate them.”

From the first fashion shows in the Sala Bianca (Palazzo Pitti), on February 12th 1951, Pitti Uomo has a great worldwide success, with a cool style, totally independent from the French trends, decreed the importance of Florence as well as art and historical heritage, the Made in Italy, the style and the “savoir vivre” of the present time.


The new map of Italian fashion Since the mid-60s costume changes and trends will inevitably affect the map of the Italian fashion:

haute couture fashion house moved to Rome.

Milan began the city of the Prêt-a-porter,

while Florence is reserved for exhibitions of handicrafts knitwear and “fashionable ready to wear” with particular attention to the male world.


The 80 was full of changes too: the Fortezza da Basso became the official venue for trade fairs, opening up the city to the world of Fashion.  We will be there on January 10th, the start of Pitti Uomo of this season.


Pitti Uomo Values


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